A crafty world made of everyday objects

Discover hidden secrets and collectibles, from coins and hearts to costumes for Yoshi. Plus, you can try to collect Poochy Pups on stages with a Flip-Side.

Fun on the Flip-Side

The flip side offers a behind-the-scenes look at how it’s all put together.


The Front Side

Make your way from the start of the course to the goal. Seek out collectibles as you puzzle your way past obstacles.

The Flip-Side

Go through the course backward! Race against the clock while trying to find all three Poochy Pups as you make your way to the start.

Uncover surprises around every cardboard corner

Thanks to the 3D-depth style of each stage, you can move between the front, middle, and background pathways. You can even throw eggs waaaaaaay far away to hit spots that Yoshi can’t reach.


Collect everything? Challenge accepted!

Each world is packed with treasures.

  • Hearts

    Running low on energy? Hearts help restore health! You can collect Hearts by touching or eating them.

  • Coins

    Usually found floating in the air. Use in-game coins you collect to give the capsule machine a spin.

  • Red Coins

    There are 20 Red Coins scattered throughout each stage. Collecting them all is a real challenge.

  • Smiley Flowers

    You'll have to explore far and wide to collect all Smiley Flowers hidden on each stage.

  • Poochy Pups

    Play through the Flip-Side of a stage, and round up all three hidden Poochy Pups. You’ll hear them barking as you get near!

Collecting costumes

Each area of the island has a capsule machine containing 10 handicraft costumes. Insert in-game coins into a capsule machine, then give it a spin to gain access to a random costume.

Fierce fashion

Costumes act as armor to protect Yoshi. The rarer the costume, the more hits Yoshi can take before he starts to lose health.

Yoshi in the Pirate Ship in-game costume.
Yoshi in the Blue Coffee Creamer in-game costume.
Yoshi in the Derby Sheep in-game costume.
Yoshi in the Light-Blue Fish in-game costume.

Character costumes

Tap a compatible Mario™ or Yarn Yoshi™ series amiibo figure for a handcrafted costume based on that character.