A big adventure in a miniature world of crafts

Discover both sides of this handicraft world—the Front Side and the Flip-Side—in a brand-new Yoshi adventure available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system.

A new adventure

Play solo or with a friend as you search for gems from the powerful Sundream Stone. You can play at your own pace, too!

Discover the adventure

Friends and foes

From Poochy and the Poochy Pups to Shy Guys and Goonies, here are some of the characters you’ll meet along the way.

Meet the characters

Front Side and Flip-Side

Stages have a 3D-depth style that allows Yoshi to move between the foreground, middle, and background pathways.

Explore the world

Get all the goodies

Seek out collectible items like flowers, coins, and Poochy Pups. Unlock in-game handicraft costumes for Yoshi, too!

Discover the collectibles

Crafty Collage Maker

Create your own amazing artwork to print or share with the Crafty Collage Maker online activity.

Free demo available

You can play through the Front Side and the Flip-Side of the first stage in the free game demo. You can even team up with a friend and play cooperatively on a single system!

Can you find the Poochy Pups?

The Poochy Pups are hiding in different spots on this site. Find all three Poochy Pups to earn My Nintendo Platinum Points. The more you find, the more points you’ll earn!

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