Friends, foes, enemies, and obstacles

Yoshi faces friends, foes, enemies, and obstacles as he searches the land for the scattered gem stones.

Yoshi and his pals

There’s Yoshi, and then there are all the other Yoshis: red, pink, blue, yellow, and more.

Poochy and the Poochy Pups

Yoshi’s cuddly companion Poochy will run in whichever direction Yoshi faces. The pint-sized Poochy Pups return for this new adventure, too!

Blockafeller Family

The Blockafeller brothers and cousins act as gatekeepers to each new area and help roll out new challenges.

Kamek and Baby Bowser

These two trouble-makers want the Sundream Stone, and they’ll do anything to find the hidden gems.

Enemies and obstacles

  • Shy Guys

    Shy away from these masked enemies, unless you plan to gobble them and turn them into eggs.

  • Fooly Flowers

    These enemies look a lot like collectible Smiley Flowers, but don’t be fooled.

  • Goonies

    If Yoshi hits one of these white birds with an egg, it loses its wings and turns into a Flightless Goonie.

  • Little Mouser

    Want to hold onto your coins? Keep your distance from these rascally enemies, who love to play keep away.